Good Luck Wallet Charms / Engimono

You go to a shrine and draw a fortune. Out falls a small metal charm. Of a cicada. Or a cat. Or a haunted kettle. Or a haunted candle.

They're all good luck.

A parody of the small charms often found in Japan, these are charms of creatures exclusive found by the Suginami-ku Cryptozoology Society. All metal, double sided stamping, perfect for bringing you good luck.

There are 4 designs in all, with 4 different finishes. Which charm you receive will be random, although orders of 4 will guarantee one of each design.

The possible designs are:

+Ao, the human-nosed cat. On one side, he's happy. On the other, not happy. Use this instead of flipping a coin to make life-changing decisions.

+The giant cicada. Everyone loves cicadas. I love cicadas.

+The haunted candle. It's a candle. With legs. And a grass skirt. Spooky.

+Yokai tea kettle / Zenfushou. The same guy that appeared as a pin also wants to force his way into your wallet.

The four different finishes are silver, brass, copper, or chrome. All randomly chosen, and sent in a custom fortune envelope. The charms measure 1.5cm squared.

¥ 25010%OFF ¥ 225